Our Philosophy

Warden Grier Has a Different Approach

We believe that the best resolution of a client’s dispute has no surprises. So, we provide our clients with a prompt assessment; we  work with them to identify the best result based on the assessment, and we then implement a strategy to achieve that result. We do our hardest work at the beginning to study the record and investigate the facts and applicable law in order to develop an accurate assessment. We minimize formal discovery – to save time and avoid unnecessarily educating our adversary. Instead, we rely on the record, our clients’ witnesses, and our adversary’s expert reports. We take advantage of dispositive motions and early settlement to resolve cases, but we regularly take cases to trial or arbitration hearing when the adversary evaluates the case differently.

We Are Creative

By developing a strategy based on early assessment we can identify specific fact areas, witnesses, and legal issues on which to focus. Instead of developing all potential issues, we can create specific opportunities consistent with our strategy. Creating those opportunities increases the likelihood of achieving a resolution that meets the client’s desired result in an expeditious manner.

We are Efficient

For the same reason we are proactive, meaning that we force the case according to our strategy without being unreasonably aggressive. While cooperating with legitimate efforts by our adversary, we focus on our strategy and the specific opportunities aimed at achieving our client’s desired result..

We Would Rather Not Bill You

We seek the opportunity to work on a contingency or alternative fee basis because we enjoy partnering with our clients to achieve their desired results. We would like to be compensated based on the result we achieve. We are willing to share in the risk and reward of the result with the client. We are happy to work with our clients to tailor the fee arrangement to meet their needs.