Warden Grier Headquarters

A Fresh Approach to an Old Profession

Founded by former partners of a large Kansas City based law firm over a decade ago, Warden Grier is a boutique litigation firm that focuses its practice winning high-stakes lawsuits. Our partners saw the business model of a leveraged, hourly rate-based firm was behind the times. With the significant advancements in technology, staffing a complicated lawsuit to win no longer required several warm bodies each billing time to the file. Computerized research, document management systems, and trial presentation software now allow for a leaner staffing of cases. Technology took away the necessity to hire a big firm for a big case. We capitalized and have recovered millions for businesses and individuals.

If you are looking for discovery litigators that are rewarded by their firms for charging high fees and then telling you to settle, we are not the firm for you. If you want lawyers that win by thinking creatively, working efficiently and who are willing to put skin in the game, we may be the firm for you. We welcome you to our site. Read More About Our Philosophy

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